National Hive Kit ( Flat Packed )

National Hive Kit ( Flat Packed )

Our National Flat Pack Hive Kit comes complete with everything you will need for your first National Hive. ( please refer to Additional Information Section for Hive Specification )

  • National Hive Specification

    Our National Hive Flat Pack Kit come complete with:

    1 Metal Covered Telescoping Roof

    1 Crown Board

    1 Brood Box; Flat

    11 Brood Frames with Premium Wired wax Foundation, Flat

    2 Super Boxes, Flat

    20 Super Frames with Premium  Wired wax Foundation

    1 Plastic Queen Excluder

    1 Screened Floor with Entrance Block

    6 Metal Frame Runners

    2 Plastic Porter Bee Escapes ( used to clear Supers for Extaction )

    ( Nails Not Included )