Keeping Bees in the City

Welcome to Inner-City-Bees. so you are interested in keeping bees, and have a million and one questions that you would like answered?. My aim with this blog is to hopefully answer some of them and provide you with as much information as I can which will help you with your own journey into Bee Keeping.

It is a misconception that you have to live in the countryside to be able to keep bees, and that you have to have a large area of land on which to keep your bees. many beekeepers run very successful colonies in small urban back gardens, on a rooftop or even from a balcony and there is an array of bee keeping equipment to suit everyone's situation.

Anyone who takes up beekeeping or is thinking of doing so should first consider the following!!

Anyone who takes up beekeeping must remember that they are taking responsibility for caring for animals. Bees are living creatures, and just because they are small and somewhat alien does note mean that they don't need to be cared for and kept in good health and in conditions that are acceptable to them. it has been shown many times that if bees are kept badly, then they will become harder to handle.

in the future I will discuss all aspects of good husbandry, but it is important that you first consider the following factors before you start beekeeping:

Are you ready for a fascinating new activity in your life?

Will there be enough forage for your bees to prosper?

Are you prepared to learn how to manage your bees properly?

Could the bees become a nuisance to your neighbours or other members of the public?

Are you prepared regularly to spend time attending to your bees?

Are you prepared to get stung on the odd occasion?

Are you prepared to collect a swarm if required?

Are you ready for friends and neighbours to ask you endless questions about beekeeping?

After asking yourself the above questions, you think that beekeeping is a activity that you we loved to get involved with, then please don't hesitate in sending me a message, or filling in the contact section and i will get back to you shortly.

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